NewsSEARRP Science Meeting at the Cambridge Conservation Initiative

April 21, 2017

SEARRP recently hosted a science meeting for our network of Universities and collaborating scientists at the Cambridge Conservation Initiative. The meeting provided an opportunity for post-docs and early career scientists associated with SEARRP to present their current work, which described the breadth of work that is being carried out in Sabah. The meeting was also an occasion for everyone to discuss future research opportunities, with a particular emphasis on a proposed SEARRP-led habitat restoration project in Aceh, Indonesia. This large scale project aims to return an existing, mature oil palm plantation to forest cover – with opportunities to design the project in a way that enables key questions in habitat restoration to be experimentally tested at a landscape level. The project, which is intended to discharge, in part, the compensation liability of a major RSPO-certified plantation company, has received preliminary approval and we expect to receive final sign-off and budget confirmation later this year – with baseline surveys to commence in 2018. Please see our meeting agenda and workshop discussion summary for more details.