About Us

About UsMeet the people behind SEARRP.

Get to know some of our 60 staff members, our board of trustees, and our partners. From Malaysia and all over the world, we are brought together in our quest to study and protect rainforests.

Senior Staff

    Board of Trustees


      SEARRP works with the world’s leading universities. Over the coming months, representatives of many of these will form an Academic Council which will act as the main science advisory body to the SEARRP and its Board of Trustees.

      United Kingdom
      University of Oxford
      University of Cambridge
      Imperial College London
      University of York
      University of Sheffield
      University of Leeds
      Lancaster University
      Queen Mary University
      University of Kent
      University of Aberdeen
      University of Nottingham
      Swansea University
      Natural History Museum

      Universiti Malaysia Sabah
      Forest Research Centre, Sabah
      Universiti Kabansa’an Malaysia
      University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus
      Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

      Griffith University
      James Cook University

      University of Zurich
      ETH Zurich, Swiss Federal Instritute of Technology
      Unviersity of Bern

      Leiden University

      Umea University

      University of British Columbia

      United States
      Carnegie Institution for Science
      University of Montana