PROJECTSOur projects tackle the key issues confronting tropical landscapes.

SEARRP manages a suite of major, strategic field projects that allow scientists to address critical issues in forest conservation, habitat restoration, the impacts of a changing climate and sustainable plantation management. We also facilitate the work of individual scientists across the mosaic landscapes of Sabah.

SAFE PROJECTUnderstanding the Human Impact on RainforestsThe SAFE Project is conducting large-scale experiments to understand exactly how logging, deforestation, forest fragmentation and oil palm plantations are affecting the functioning of tropical rainforests.SAFE PROJECT WEBSITE

Studying the Impact of Tree DiversityWhen degraded forests are restored by planting indigenous tree species, the diversity of tree species can be dramatically altered. What are the ecological consequences of this reduction in biodiversity?

50-HECTARE PLOTUnderstanding the Effect of Climate Change on RainforestsAlong with 30 other plots in 20 countries, the 50 hectare plot at Danum allows detailed studies of the dynamics of a pristine lowland rainforest. The plot incudes almost 250,000 tress which are mapped, measured, and identified every 5 years.

SENSORCreating a Sustainable Oil Palm IndustryThe Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Oil Palm Research (SEnSOR) is quantifying the impacts of palm oil agriculature, and informing the RSPO’s criteria for sustainability in oil palm agriculture.

Capacity Building Ecosystem Services AssessmentLinking livelihoods and well-being to the environment in Malaysia: Capacity building among local conservation practitioners to identify, prioritise and assess ecosystem services. PROJECT PAGE