SCIENTISTSWe help scientists do groundbreaking environmental research.

Our job is to facilitate scientific research: to remove obstacles so that scientists can do what they do best, and to make sure that their research has a tangible impact locally and globally. Over the last 30 years, SEARRP scientists have made a huge contribution to our understanding of rainforests and we are actively training and mentoring the next generation of scientists to continue that work.

$40M in Grants Awarded 250+ PhDs & Masters Completed700+Publications

Working with SEARRP

Considering its remote location, Danum is extremely well appointed, with modern research facilities and excellent accommodations. Learn how to prepare for your research here.


The Danum Valley Field Centre has full-time broadband internet access, a satellite telephone system, labs, a superb specialist library, and a fleet of four-wheel drive vehicles.
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The Danum Valley Field Centre has several types of accommodation for SEARRP scientists, from VIP chalets to campsites (and many options in between).
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SEARRP scientists are required to abide by Malaysian laws, and respect the cultures, customs and norms of the people of Malaysia.
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SEARRP takes its duty of care to visiting scientists and its own staff extremely seriously, especially in light of the remote location of Danum Valley and the SEARRP research sites. Read more…

ENTRY GUIDELINES FOR MALAYSIA: Malaysia has opened it’s boarders for international travellers as of May 1st, 2022. For details on the requirements please check the Entry Requirements into Malaysia_May 1 2022,  so that travellers entering Malaysia are aware of the rules and requirements before their arrival.


SEARRP is committed to creating and maintaining a safeguarded environment for the people and partners who work with us, including any children or vulnerable adults with whom we may engage.
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Doing research in Danum Valley requires permission from multiple approving bodies, and months of advance planning. See our planning guide.
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SEARRP employs a large team of highly trained and experienced Research Assistants – who are available to help our scientists with their work. We also maintain a fleet of 4WD vehicles which are available for hire.
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Overheads cannot be charged to grants directly awarded by SEARRP using internally generated funds. On third-party grants led and/or administered by SEARRP, the payment of overheads to universities and other project partners is strictly limited to a maximum of 20% on directly-incurred salary costs (providing an overhead is permitted under the terms of the underlying grant agreement). For further info contact:


SEARRP has data available from long-term collections and links to online repositories related to published research.
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Meet Some of Our Scientists

Meet a handful of the scientists who are leading research projects with SEARRP.

    Mikey O’Brien, SEARRP’s Science Coordinator, makes sure that all the scientists in the field have what they need from SEARRP and from one another. If you have questions, email him at