Health and Safety

SCIENTISTSHealth and Safety

SEARRP takes its duty of care to visiting scientists and its own staff extremely seriously, especially in light of the relatively remote location of Danum Valley and the SEARRP research sites. Should you have any questions relating to health and safety at Danum Valley, or require details of our emergency response plan, please contact

First Aid

All of our full-time RAs and Programme Managers have advanced training in first aid and search and rescue techniques. SEARRP maintains comprehensive first aid kits at Danum and all of the project sites, and medical evacuation procedures are in place (using either road or helicopter) in the case of serious injury or illness.

Emergency Communication

Danum Valley, SAFE, Maliau Basin and the surrounding forest have cellphone coverage, so it is suggested that scientists and students get local SIM cards (Digi and Celcom work the best) so that they are able to stay in contact with SEARRP and Yayasan Sabah staff. Malua has WiFi, so scientists  are able to communicate through the internet. SEARRP also keeps a VHF radio at Danum in case of emergency.