COSTSSEARRP charges for research support

SEARRP employs a large team of highly trained and experienced Research Assistants – who are available to help our scientists with their work. We also maintain a fleet of 4WD vehicles which are available for hire. Please note that scientists working with universities that are part of SEARRP’s Academic Council are entitled to discounted rates – please contact Adrian Karolus, SEARRP’s Operations Manager ( for details.


For large projects supported by major grants and involving multiple scientists (as opposed, for example, to individual PhD scholarships) SEARRP charges an overhead that is negotiable depending on the level of administrative, management and/or knowledge exchange support a project might require. Please email SEARRP’s Director, Glen Reynolds, ( to discuss rates.

Research Assistants


Working in the Day (Regular RA use)
  • RM150 per day (5 – 8 hours)
  • RM85 per half day (up to 5 hours, which is the minimum daily charge)
Working at Night
  • RM225 per night (5 – 8 hours)
  • RM125 per half night (up to 5 hours)

Please Note:
If night work is required (from 6pm to 6am) a surcharge of 50% applies to standard rates.

  • RM300 per day (5 – 8 hours)
  • RM170 per half day (up to 5 hours)

Several of our RAs are qualified, certified climbers and we maintain the necessary equipment to service basic canopy and other research that involves climbing or rigging. To cover the cost of equipment and additional insurance, we apply a surcharge of 100% on the above rates if our Research Assistants are required to climb.

Please Note:
If your project requires longer-term Research Assistant support please contact us for monthly, discounted rates.


Vehicle use is charged on a daily basis, with a per kilometre supplement:

  • RM375 per day (5 – 8 hours)
  • RM225 per half day (up to 5 hours, which is the minimum daily charge)
  • RM1.00 per km (off-road usage)
  • RM0.50 per km (longer journeys on mostly sealed roads)

Please Note:
If your research involves extensive vehicle use and/or regular, long journeys please contact us for discounted rates.

Per km charges for off-road use reflect the increased cost of vehicle maintenance, fuel and tyres.

Due to often very difficult road conditions, we generally do not allow scientists to self-drive SEARRP vehicles.

University field courses

SEARRP can offer extensive support for Danum Valley or Maliau Basin-based field courses including flight, accommodation and other bookings, Research Assistant support, vehicle use and specialist lectures. Please contact Adrian Karolus to discuss rates (