Research Facilities

Considering its remote location, the Danum Valley Field Centre is extremely well appointed. We have full-time broadband internet access, a satellite telephone system, labs, a superb specialist library, and a fleet of four-wheel drive vehicles.

Analytical Laboratory

The new lab facilities at Danum can accommodate 15 or more scientists at one time and include both analytical and wet labs. The building is fully air conditioned and includes an array of standard items of research equipment (large drying ovens, a furnace, electronic balances, dissecting microscopes, fume cupboard, refrigerators, a freezer and a de-humidified store), with space for scientists’ own equipment, if needed. The lab complex also includes scientists’ offices, meeting spaces, a herbarium and solar drying room.

Teaching Lab

This large laboratory has enough bench-space for groups of 30 or more students and was designed with university field courses in mind. It can also be used as a lecturing/demonstration space.

Lecture Theatre

A fully AV equipped lecture theatre that can seat an audience of over 100.


The library at Danum Valley holds an excellent collection of specialist books relating to the flora, fauna and general natural history of Sabah and SE Asia and standard academic texts including many of the latest titles in the areas of statistical analysis, ecology, hydrology and conservation biology. The library also houses an extensive reprint collection which includes many papers published in the ‘grey’ literature, or in local journals, which may be difficult to find either in university libraries or on-line.

Internet & Phone

A generally reliable wifi signal is available at the main centre – as well as cell phone coverage (with Celcom and Maxis networks available).


SEARRP maintains a fleet of 4WD vehicles at Danum and its associated sites.