NewsSpecial Announcement

August 26, 2020

I’m writing to outline some important staff changes within SEARRP.

Firstly, Dr Agnes Agama will be stepping down as Co-Director of SEARRP, with effect from the 11th September, to take-up a regional position with WWF International. I would like to take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the seminal contribution which Agnes has made to SEARRP – particularly in terms of our strategic direction, approaches to safeguarding, governance and diversity and, crucially, the impact our science has had with respect to conservation policy and best practice in Sabah and the wider region. Our Trustees, directors and staff join me in wishing Agnes every possible success and happiness with this new phase of her career.

As an organisation, I’m determined that the successes we have achieved together are embedded and sustained. To this end, I am very pleased that Agnes has agreed to transition to an advisory role with SEARRP, on an honorary basis, including as a non-executive Board member of our Malaysian operation.

However, this is a major change within our management team and it is important that, as far as possible, continuity is maintained – particularly in terms of our relationships with key collaborators and partner organisations. I am therefore delighted to announce that we have promoted Melissa Payne, currently our Science Impacts Manager, to the position of Assistant Director for Policy. Having worked together closely over recent years, Melissa will assume many of Agnes’s current responsibilities including the management of a suite of major projects – the largest of these being a recently launched capacity building and ecosystem services assessment initiative in the Central Forest Spine of Peninsular Malaysia. Since joining us in 2018, Melissa has brought tremendous vitality, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to SEARRP – qualities which both Agnes and I are confident that she will bring, in even greater measure, to this new leadership role.

Again, and on behalf of SEARRP, I’d like to congratulate both Agnes and Melissa on their new appointments – and extend my thanks for your support through this transitionary period.

Should you have any project-specific questions or concerns please contact either me or Melissa.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Glen Reynolds

Director – SEARRP