NewsDaily Express interview with SEARRP Director Dr. Glen Reynolds on the Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) Project

March 23, 2021

Daily Express article – Reversing the deterioration of resources

SEARRP manages a suite of major, strategic field projects that allow scientists to address critical issues in forest conservation, habitat restoration, the impacts of a changing climate and sustainable plantation management. In a recent interview with the Daily Express, Dr Glen Reynolds the Director of SEARRP, talked about the importance of one of our large, ongoing projects – the Stability of Altered Forests Ecosystems (SAFE) project. The SAFE project conducts large-scale experiments to understand how logging, deforestation, forest fragmentation and oil palm plantations are affecting the functioning of tropical rainforests. In the interview, Dr Reynolds spoke candidly about the importance of changing the way we manage forest, and non-forest land and the urgent need for biodiversity conservation to be mainstreamed into forest management best practices in all forest types.  “As humanity continues to grapple with the accelerating rate of biodiversity loss, sustainable agriculture is becoming very essential in reversing trends that lead to the overall deterioration of our natural resources.” The potential impact of the SAFE Project is global and far-reaching. The findings of this study are helping scientists to design landscapes that maintain agricultural production at reduced cost to biodiversity. Please read the full article here.