NewsOECM Stakeholder Engagement Workshop in KL

June 30, 2022

OECM Stakeholder Workshop Participants

29th June 2022: SEARRP hosted a workshop to share a summary of our findings from the OECM (Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures) case studies. The case studies presented were based on the site assessments and case study evaluations that SEARRP has conducted with project partners over the past three years with the aim of identifying potential OECM areas around Malaysia.

Dr Glen Reynolds & Melissa Payne presenting findings from OECM case studies across Malaysia

Together with policy makers, universities, state authorities and environmental organisations, SEARRP discussed and reviewed how this innovative approach can be further refined and applied in the Malaysian context. We feel that based on the success of our initial studies, we are one step closer to exploring the potential of recognising and adopting an OECM approach for Malaysia.

Melissa Payne (SEARRP) presenting barriers to implementation of OECMs

This project is funded by the GEF-Small grants Programme.