NewsOECM site briefing and assessment at Larapan Island, Semporna

December 19, 2022

OECM site briefing and assessment with local community on Larapan Island, Semporna

With the support and facilitation by Green Semporna and WWF Semporna, the SEARRP team recently initiated discussions to introduce the Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures (OECM) concept and project to the local community of Larapan Island, Semporna. Together, the groups explored ways that the community could assess their marine area as a potential OECM site, and SEARRP took the opportunity to formally invite the local community to join in the OECM initiative.

OECM discussions with the Larapan Community organisers and youth group

SEARRP met with Mad Rinta, the programme coordinator, Eddie, a member of the Kelab Belia Larapan, as well as youth members of the island community to discuss the potentials of OECM, the ongoing conservation activities on the island and marine waters, their waste management programme and the current plans to develop and document their community protocol. Overall, the community representatives showed great interest in the programme and together we developed a simple case study of their marine patrolling area (from the island coastline and along the continental shelf around the island) which we will assess against the OECM criteria in the future.

Beautiful Larapan Island in Semporna District

The community is involved in ongoing conservation activities on the island and the surrounding marine area