NewsCompletion of the second phase of the TESSA training programme

December 31, 2022

TESSA Workshop Participants presenting their findings

Together with the Tropical Biology Association, the SEARRP team has just wrapped up the second part of our TESSA (Toolkit for Ecosystem Services Sie-based Assessment) training II workshop.  The focus of this training was on data analyses and communication of key results. Our participants had to analyse their collected data, summarise this data and then present their key findings at the workshop. It was a great 3-day event with lively discussions, great feedback and engagement from all our participants.

TESSA participants working with the Tropical Biology Association on data analysis

Now that the second phase of the programme is complete, project leaders will return to their sites for a six (6) month period to complete data collection and analysis, consolidate findings, share results and seek site-level stakeholder input. During this time we will provide mentoring, monitoring and technical support to the project leaders and their teams as they conduct fieldwork at their chosen sites.

The training component of the TESSA workshops has been delivered by TBA

We are really proud of the significant progress our participants have made throughout the first phase of the TESSA Programme journey.  We look forward to seeing the final outcomes of their project next year.

Participants learning how to communicate their findings in creative and interesting ways