NewsEnvironmental Education ‘Train-the-Trainers’ course at Taliwas Conservation Area

April 12, 2023


‘Train-the-Trainers’ Course with participants from Yayasan Sabah & SEARRP Research Assistants

SEARRP recently held the first Kembara Rimba Taliwas  Environmental Education ‘Train-the-Trainers’ programme at the Taliwas River and Conservation Area (TRCA) located near Danum Valley Field Centre. The focus of this training was to improve individual trainers understanding of topic matters pertaining to Environmental Education, so that they would be able to teach this information to students in the future. The training programme used EE materials and content that was created by the S4 team from Swansea University and these tools will be available to the upcoming student groups that are joining the environmental education courses at TRCA.

Trainers conducting the hands-on activity: Living Rivers

The ‘Train-the-Trainers’ programme worked with participants fromYayasan Sabah and SEARRP to improve their capacity and empower them to engage students in discovering rainforest biodiversity and importance of forest conservation. The S4 team applied their expertise in training and outreach to help the participants increase their skills in giving presentations, how to successfully communicate information on the EE subject materials, and how to come together to work as a team.

Train-the-Trainers preparing a quadrant sampling point for the Hands-on Activity – Why are my leaves that shape?

The participants did an excellent job at engaging with all of these activities and have come away with valuable skills that will help them to be successful  environmental educators. The training was led by SEARRP’s Environmental Education & Outreach Manager, Imelda Geoffrey and was assisted by SEARRP’s Deputy Director Melissa Payne, as well as Paige Jennings and Rachel Tudor from the S4 team of Swansea University.

‘Train-the-Trainers’ participants learning presentation skills from the S4 team from Swansea University

‘Train-the-Trainer’ participants presenting the new information that they have learned.

It was an exciting and interactive three-day training course with a total of 17 participants from Yayasan Sabah and SEARRP. We are so proud of the significant progress that the participants have made throughout the training and we can’t wait to see their work in action when they apply the skills that they have learned to training young Sabahan students!