NewsPermian Global biodiversity and acoustic sensor training course for SEARRP staff

May 11, 2023

Group Picture of Permian Global Staff & SEARRP RAs at recent training course

The Kuamut Rainforest Conservation Project (KRCP) staff have been busy with a training course conducted at Danum Valley Field Centre last month.  Permian Global biodiversity and acoustic sensor experts, Dr Sunarto and Dr Joshua Taylor, conducted a three-day training course to teach SEARRP Research Assistants (RAs) how to manage, monitor, and evaluate biodiversity data collected by the KRCP.

Dr Joshua introduced a new system for handling acoustic sensors using a song meter that records at dusk and dawn. In addition to teaching data management skills, the training covered how to handle and exchange micro SD cards efficiently. As part of the project, these skills will be necessary for receiving, organising, and collecting data for each site.

An additional session was conducted by Dr Sunarto to refresh and improve the RAs skills for installing camera traps. The camera traps will be used in riparian areas, carbon plots, and will be installed a different heights and elevations to obtain a wide variety of data from the sites. This project concept was designed by Dr Sarah Scriven and will be an incredibly helpful addition to the biodiversity monitoring plan established for the KRCP. We now feel that our staff are trained with these newly learned skills that will allow them to maximise their work outputs in the field!

Demonstration from Philip Ulok – the KRCP project manager – on setting up acoustic trap to the SEARRP staff

Philop Ulok training the RAs on inserting the micro SD Card efficiently in to the camera traps

Song meter acoustic sensors that are ready to be installed!