NewsWrapping up the Kembara Rimba Taliwas Environmental Education Programme – the final school group

October 30, 2023

Group photo with participants from SMK Sepagaya, project partners from Seratu Ataai & SEARRP RAs

The two year Kembara Rimba Taliwas Environmental Education Programme, a project that conducts educational trips to the Taliwas River and Conservation Area (TRCA) in Eastern Sabah, has come to an end. From October 20th to 22nd, 2023, the 8th group of students from SMK Segapaya participated in the Environmental Education (EE) program, marking the final school group for this amazing initiative.

During this three-day, two-night programme, students engaged in a series of interactive and scientifically informed environmental education initiatives. These initiatives were carefully designed to simplify complex scientific environmental information in order to enhance the accessibility for participants and to help them gain an understanding of the current issues impacting rainforest and local people. This was achieved by utilising a dedicated EE toolkit that is comprised of lessons, worksheets and hands-on activities that have all been specifically developed for the Kembara Rimba Taliwas EE programme.

Students presenting on plant adaptation in rainforest the canopy layer

The last EE programme at TRCA was made even more special by the participation of our NGO partner, Seratu Ataai. We carried out several activities together, like extracting hormones from elephant dung, which is a simple and student-friendly sampling technique. We also helped students grasp the importance of Bornean elephant conservation by teaching them about animal cells and creating 3D cell models.

Hands-on activity with Seratu Ataai- Building 3D models of animal cells

Over the course of two years, the Kembara Rimba Taliwas programme has successfully engaged a total of 236 students and 16 teachers from eight different schools: SMK Kinabutan, SMK Bukit Garam, SMK Agaseh, SMK Sukau, SM Visi, SMK Bukit Garam II, SMK Paris, and SMK Sepagaya. During this time, SEARRP has received enthusiastic feedback from all participating schools, with most students and teachers expressing a keen interest in participating in future Environmental Education programmes with us.

Sampling activity- Students collecting macroinvertebrates from the Taliwas River.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the schools that have been involved in this journey, from the start with the  Kembara Rimba Taliwas EE Online Series in August 2023 to the recent school trip to TRCA. Our hope is that this programme has nurtured a sense of environmental stewardship and an increased understanding of the importance of conservation among the participants. With the knowledge, information, and insights shared by our experienced trainers, we aspire to have kindled a lasting interest in exploring the wonders of our Bornean rainforest.

Students attending SEARRP’s EE Outreach Officer Imelda’s presentation on the role of animals in the forest

Field work activity- students learning how to identify plant functional groups using quadrat sampling technique