Local Collaborators

SCIENTISTSFinding a Local Collaborator

All non-Sabahan researchers need to collaborate with a Malaysian scientist from a local research institute. The collaborator must be willing to support your application with a letter. This letter is the first step in the process for research approval, as it is required on the applications to the Danum Valley Management Committee, Maliau Basin Management Committee and the Sabah Biodiversity Centre.


The local collaborator should be working in the same or a closely related field to your area of research and be qualified to be collaborating at the level of research being performed (i.e. collaborators for MSc, PhD and PIs should have a PhD, although exceptions can apply).


Good places to start looking for a local collaborator are the Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), or asking advice from colleagues that are working, or were recently working, in Sabah. The process requires sending a clear email describing yourself and summarising the project to potential collaborators. Once a collaborator agrees to support your project directly obtain a letter detailing this support for the rest of the approval process. If you are severely struggling to find an appropriate collaborator, please email Glen Reynolds.


It is essential to maintain a beneficial and professional relationship with your local collaborator. To that end, you should meet in person with your local collaborator before starting any research, keep them regularly updated as to your progress and schedule (and budget for) a visit by your collaborator to the field. Aside from this being good practice in terms of knowledge transfer, remember that your collaborator will be the first point of reference if you have any visa-related problems